not in our choir!

Welcome to the home of Lincolnshire choirs 'Syncapella' and 'Raised In Song,' and the hub for acapella harmony singing workshops led by singer/songwriter Abi Moore.

Singing with us is different. We’re not your average community choir, nor your local church choir. In some choirs, you need to read music and hold folders in front of your face. Some choirs look down their noses at pop music. Some choirs sit wearily around a piano at rehearsals. Some choirs make the men sing low and the women sing high. Not in our choir! This is authentic, acapella harmony singing from the heart and soul, with no words and no security blanket. You won't believe what you can achieve with nothing but your voice and your ears!


We have summer concerts coming up in June and July- check out the Concerts page for more info and to book tickets!